Home Renovation Tips And Advice

When renovating it’s important you don’t over-capitalise on your property, especially if you’re planning on selling. Suppose you pay 460k for a three-bed, one-bathroom property, then spend 75k renovating it. Take into consideration buying and selling costs of 35k, which means that you need $570,000 just to get your money back. When most tidied-up three-bed and one-bathroom places in the area are selling for mid-to-high $500s, you have done a lot of work for very little or no return.

Mintconstruct Pty Ltd Gold Coast home renovations team at work

What to Renovate

The best ways to improve the capital value of your property is by renovating your kitchen, bathroom, landscaping, and garden, plus a coat of paint. Other improvements you should include:
•    Replacing rotten or fixing squeaky floorboards
•    Building a new fence
•    Fixing eaves and gutters
•    Adding a driveway
Basically, fix anything visual that can create an objection.

Council approval:

Of course, if you are going to do major renovation work, like moving walls, or building a carport or deck, then you need to consider council(s) and other statutory authorities. It’s a good idea to approach your local council and have a discussion about your proposal before you do it. T .R Peters can assist you with this process.

Create a wish list

If you’re improving the property for your own personal use, then I suggest you create a detailed wish list before getting started to ensure you don’t start one thing and then the next and find you need to adjust another to match!

Spend the time to get a feel of what you would like your new home or renovation to look like. Create an ideas folder, where you can store your own photos, picture cut-outs, colour schemes, floor layouts, information on external finishes, as well as information on internal finishes. This information will act as a design brief for your builder.

Budgeting and finance

Don’t run out of cash halfway through your renovations! 
Establish a budget and stick to it. It’s a good idea to consider the separate costs of moving in, such as new furniture, appliances, etc, to go with your new styled place.

Final Home Renovation Tips

  • Add natural light whenever possible.
  • Open up tight spaces with an open plan feel.
  • Replace those tatty shower curtains with frameless glass shower screens
  • Do yourself a favour and install ducted air conditioning
  • Give your windows a lift with colourful blinds, shutters and awnings
  • Protect your outdoor entertaining areas with bright alfresco blinds
  • Plant colourful flowers.
  • Get rid of any clutter.

Basically, fix anything visual that can create an objection.

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Roof Renovation Tips

Replacing a roof tile by Roof restoration Gold Coast company Trend Painting Solutions

Will repairing my roof be costly?

Roof maintenance and repair should be viewed as an investment in the long-term value of your home. Parts of your home deteriorate over time, and your roof is no different. Roof restorations and repairs may seem costly; however, the benefits involved in maintaining and repairing your roof far outweigh the costs incurred with a complete roof replacement.

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